tradition of excellence

Basketball teams at the University of Kentucky have established a widely known tradition of excellence.  There is a real-estate team in Lexington that equals their tradition of excellence because they apparently have an outstanding personnel recruiter like UK.  Teams in any sport or any profession win, not individuals.  The following is a case in point.  I listed my golf-course-edging house in Andover Hills in the midst of a long-standing controversy related to the future of the golf course.  Because of the controversy, I expected my house to be on the market for six months, perhaps longer, but I hoped for a quicker outcome.  I also anticipated that I would ultimately have to accept less than its assessed value to close any offer.  None of my negative anticipations made an appearance.  I listed my house on July 10, 2018.  Twenty-five days later, August 4, 2018, I signed an “Offer to Purchase” contract that included a fair price.  The closing took place September 14, 2018, thanks to the PRATHER real-estate team who delivered first-class service from the photographic presentation to the closing moment.  After all was said and done, they even sent me a handwritten, thank-you note.  Homeowners who decide to sell their homes and want a Calipari-like team working on their behalf should call the Michael B. Prather team, Keller Williams Real Estate.  From start to finish, top to bottom, home-sellers will experience professionalism, courtesy, and enthusiasm from the Prather team, plain and simple.