Located at the heart of Central Kentucky’s scenic Bluegrass Region, Lexington is known around the world for its role in producing champion racehorses. The rich pastures of Central Kentucky are where the top racehorses are bred, born, trained, officially registered, bought and sold, retired to stud, and buried. Take a simple drive in the country past some of the region’s prolific horse farms and you might catch a glimpse of a future Derby winner. With a little advance planning, you can meet previous Derby champions at a number of visitor-friendly farms. From Lexington, scenic byways and highways, like the spokes of an old wheel, connect to a host of historic, scenic, quaint, exciting, pastoral, beautiful, and peaceful places, events, and festivals to enjoy. [aios_custom_ihomefinder_shortcode_results] [/aios_custom_ihomefinder_shortcode_results]


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