Savannah Lane Homes

Savannah Lane Homes

Jeff Taylor was born and raised in Lexington, KY, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky

College of Architecture. Jeff started his collegiate career at LCC, where he received an Associate’s Degree in Architecture Technology before continuing his education at UK. After college, Jeff went to work for Main Street Homes and, under Matt Foster’s tutelage, gained hands-on experience in the new home construction business. In 2002, Matt offered Jeff the chance to purchase a few building sites within Lexington, an opportunity Jeff couldn’t pass up and Savannah Lane Homes was born. Jeff has built approximately 70 homes in Central Kentucky and has completed some renovation work in the Lexington area. He designs all the houses he builds and has drawn plans for other builders in the area.

Jeff’s honest, transparent, and approachable manner has quickly made Savannah Lane Homes a success. Jeff works to make himself and the work site as available as possible to his clients, he provides his clients with weekly updates on the progress of their homes and he strives to find the best contractors at the best price for his clients instead of selecting the cheapest work. When he hands over the keys to a new home to his clients Jeff knows he has done everything he can to ensure every aspect of the build was done right. Jeff loves knowing he has given his clients exactly what they wanted in their new home and that their new home will be a place for them to make cherished memories together every day.


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